Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 years and counting!!

We celebrated our 10th Anniversary on Jan.15--it's really hard to believe it has been that long already! It has gone by much to quickly, but what an amazing 10 years they have been! We celebrated by going to dinner at El Gaucho that night and then the following weekend we left the boys with grandma and grandpa and spent 2 nights up at the Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie--we had an amazing time!

Our dinner at El Gaucho--amazing! Steak and Lobster--wow! And that's pretty significant coming from me--usually a non seafood/ beef eater :)

Shawn lighting a fire in our room at the Salish

We were treated like royalty!

We had brunch at one of the restaurants in the hotel on the first morning--what an experience! We had the most secluded, romantic table that overlooked the falls. Then, the breakfast was absolutely amazing--it was seriously 5 different courses. Let me just say we were soooo stuffed for the rest of the day but it was definitely worth it!
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Anniversary Trip Part 2

Our first time ever skiing together
Shawn getting ready to hit the slopes!

Yes, me on skis and I'm not on the ground! :)
I must say I am very proud of myself. I know some may not believe it but I actually did a lot better than I (or Shawn) expected! I didn't fall once for the first few hours...then we stopped for dinner and things got a little icy and well....there were some issues after that, but for the most part it went well!

Snoqualmie Falls--this was right outside our hotel.

On our last day, after we got a couples massage and spent some time at the spa we went to Northbend and hit the outlets-- preceeded by a wonderful lunch and trip to Starbucks--I'm a happy, relaxed girl here!
All in all we had an excellent time, made lots of memories, and our kids did great without us----hopefully there will be more of these little getaways in the future! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

For Hannah....a little late!

We had such a fun time with you guys! Let's not let it be so long next time :) Love you!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This weekend Austin was running around the house like a madman, slipped and fell face first onto the kitchen was not pretty. As we were cleaning him up we noticed that he had chipped his front tooth. Poor guy!! After a visit to the dentist this morning we were told to watch for swelling in the gums and tooth discoloration, but there isn't anything they can do unless the tooth is dying (then they'd have to pull it!) since it is a baby tooth. The dentist told us that he see's this at least once a day and that 95% of patients that come in with chipped teeth are little BOYS =) Here is a before and after picture.

And not to leave Riley out...he also took a pretty good spill a couple weeks ago--he got pretty lucky though and missed his eye by centimeters!
What am I going to do with these boys!!!?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Outings

These are just a few pictures for a quick review of our month..... Shawn and Riley at the Pumpkin Patch. We braved it in not so nice weather--but the boys had a ton of fun splashing in every mud puddle they could find!
Riley and I at the University Place Harvest Party at the Fire Station. This is an annual event and is so much fun for the whole famiy.

Shawn and Austin at "Daddy and Me Pumpkin Carving Night" at Preschool.

And of course...Halloween! Winnie the Pooh and the Puppy had a wonderful time trick or treating and getting spoiled by the Grandparents. =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our trip to Cannon Beach, OR

Shawn and I on a beautiful beach walk

What an awesome trip we had! We rented an amazing house with my sister and her family that was just a 30 second walk to the beach. Yes, there were 5 little boys ages 3 and under all staying under one roof! It actually went relatively smoothly and it was nice that my parents stayed in a hotel just a few yards away---don't know what we would have done without them! :)

The weather was great and we got lots of beach time--the boys were in heaven! The picture above is 4 of those little boys all trying to watch a movie on a portable DVD player.

And here's Shawn with his kite

Riley was serious about working in the sand

Me and my babies on the beautiful beach

All of my boys

Austin giddy with delight at being on the beach!

Riley in his colorful stripes :)

Haystack Rock!

Getting the boys all geared up for fun in the sand!

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Our trip to Cannon Beach, OR......part 2

Swim time at grandma and grandpa's hotel

Riley getting ready for a long walk on the beach

The one and only picture of all of us!

The kids (and Shawn!) had a ball playing with the train table at the toy store in downtown Cannon Beach

Shawn and Ry at Doogers Restaurant......mmmm...mmm..good!
Me and the kids on the carousel at Seaside

Austin swinging on the beach in Seaside

And here are the boys, all tuckered out on the way home....dreaming of all the fun they had!

This trip was incredible and we made memories that will last a lifetime. Already looking forward to next year!